Always with the focus on excellence, while performing its activities, the Tayga HS® has the expertise of its highly qualified team. Effort is the theme that reflects the good results, in full satisfaction of its customers, as well as the commitment of the agreed deadlines.

High Performance Steam Tracing

Check out 15 main reasons for choosing the high performance steam system.

Electrical Heating Trace

We can collaborate throughout the heating chain, from design and supply, to the installation and deployment of all the equipment for the startup, check out our electric heat trace line.

Thermal insulation

Our line of products Tayga HS® offers the latest insulation, manufactured with certified raw materials, proven quality, that meet national and international standards of thermal and acoustic insulation.


Focused on the development of customized projects, with technical department to assist in the best solutions has a line of excellent products.



It is one of the best service provider companies in the OFF-shore oil field, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro (RJ); provides services in the largest companies in the country, participating in design of large oil drilling platforms in Brazil and the charts of the platforms in the Campos Basin.

Oil and gas

With a traditional performance in the oil and gas market, the TaygaHS has an enviable staff to assist clients with the best solutions. Together we can work with the entire supply from design, materials to the area of ​​services, covering the whole country.


Petrochemical we are working with local partners significantly in Petrochemical, among them stand out the Polo Capuava (SP), Copesul (RS), Camaçari (BA) and Polymer Rio (RJ).


During the training of its technical staff we have acquired extensive experience in large projects tracing (Electric & Vapor de Alta Performance) in the industrial area.


With equipment designed to maintain temperature and heating, We can provide the customized solution for each process in the pharmaceutical industry

Goods and Consumption

In the area of ​​Goods and Consumption TaygaHS can collaborate with energy efficiency systems; where we offer solutions insulation and heat trace (Electric & Vapor de Alta Performance) in rows, tanks, instruments and pumps.


The success started TaygaHS cycle heat treatments through the paper and pulp area, participating in projects full of challenges.


In Metallurgy area, the TaygaHS has participated with its thermal treatment solutions as well as solutions line heating and tanks.

Sugar Mills, Alcohol and Energy

The brand TaygaHS effective presence in the off-season with removable insulation solutions steam balloons, collectors, etc. During maintenance plants performs heating services and heat treatments


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